Huawei is launching Nova 9 series with Launch Date

Huawei is launching the Nova 9 with Launch Date

Huawei is preparing to introduce the Nova 9 series. Huawei is set to unveil the Nova 9 series next September.

Nova 8 and 8 Pro have Kirin 985 chipset. There is no information about which chipset will be used in the Nova 9.

But in terms of the Nova 8, it is unlikely that the Nova 9 will have a better chipset than the Honor series.

However, Nova 9 may be popular in the market as it supports 5G. The design of the leaked Nova 9 will be a mix of P50 series, Nova 8 and Mate 50.

The look, design and color of the Nova 9 are said to be good. Huawei preparing to launch Nova 9 with 5G.