500,000 Android apps can be run on Windows 11

500,000 Android apps can be run on Windows 11

Technology giant Microsoft has unveiled a new version of its Windows 11 operating system. Microsoft has unveiled its new generation operating system through virtual function.

Six years after the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced another new version of Windows. The Windows 10 operating system is currently used on 1.3 billion devices worldwide.

500,000 Android apps can be run on Windows 11

With this new software for Windows, Android apps can now be run on Windows desktop computers. Now, more than 500,000 Android apps will be available in the Windows Store in the Amazon App Store, from tickets to Netflix, Disney Plus.

But not all 3.5 million apps from the Google Play Store will be available on Windows. To download Android apps to your Windows, you need to first download the Amazon App store app and login to your Amazon account.

Microsoft product manager Panos Panay said the new Windows will have “smaller and faster security updates” and will stay in the background.

Another important feature of Windows 11 is that users can create multiple screens on the same desktop. That is, they will be able to create different types of desktops through working, home and gaming, just like Mac computers.

According to Microsoft, the initial version of Windows 11 will be released next week, according to the developers. But it is not clear when it will be available to the users.