What’s new in Windows 11?, These changes can happen

Windows 11 Release Date, Windows 11 Price and Feature

Microsoft Windows operating system is very popular all over in the world. But it does not see any major changes every year like the Mac operating system. The updates don’t look much different and only a few new features are added.

But not much has changed in the user interface or the name. Windows 10 was released in 2015 and is still running on Windows 10. Now the company is expected to unveil a new version of the Windows operating system. According to Microsoft, the new Windows will be released on June 24. However, this is only a signal-based approximation. Because the company has not clearly brought up this issue.

What’s so important about a new Windows?

As far as the next generation of Windows is concerned, the company expects some changes in the new user interface. The special thing here is that when the company makes major changes in Windows, users do not like it much. So this time the user interface and design are not expected to change completely. If we look at the examples of Windows 8 and Windows Vista, they have proved to be the flop operating system of the company’s Windows version.

That’s why the company does not make major changes in its operating system every year. However, there may be some notable features available this year. The new version of Windows may come with a great feature to sync with Android.

Of course, Windows still doesn’t have that kind of feature. But it has not been so effective. When it comes to the design and interface, there is no change in the start menu. But some buttons and icons may change. A part from this, it is understood that the company is also preparing to change the widgets of the system. Microsoft App Store is not very popular right now. So this could be a big change.


If you remember Windows 10X then it is the lite version of the operating system released by the company. It was made public as a competitor to Chrome. Many features of Windows 10X will be seen in Windows 11. You will also notice changes in File Explorer and some changes in Windows icons. Microsoft 10X was also called the last version of Windows. It remains to be seen how the new version of Windows will be introduced.

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