What to expect from WWDC 2021, Apple Event Start Today

What to expect from WWDC 2021, Apple Event Start Today

Apple’s big event World Wide Developer Conference 2021 (WWDC-2021) is starting today. The event will continue till June 11. The event will be organized virtually. This event is being organized virtually in view of the increasing corona pandemic across the world.

The event is expected to unveil a new operating system from the iPhone to the Apple Watch. Apart from this, many new products can be made public. The iOS W5 / iPadOS 5 operating system for iPhone and iPad is expected to be unveiled at the Apple WWDC 2021 event.

According to the leaked report, users can get the upgraded messaging notification feature in the two new operating systems. The special thing is that when the message arrives at night, the notification will automatically turn off.

In addition, many other privacy features can be upgraded.According to analyst Daniel Evas, the new MacBook Pro will be unveiled at the WWDC 2021 event. This new device is expected to have a MI chip.

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It will also have a 14 or 15-inch display. Also, users can get powerful speaker and battery support in MacBook Pro. Not only this, AirPod 3 is also expected to be made public through this event. According to the leaked report, AirPod 3 will come with interchangeable tips and charging case. It is said that even though it will include the latest feature, it will not feature noise cancellation.

Apple is also expected to unveil the WatchOS 8 operating system for its smartwatches at the WWDC 2021 event. In the new OS, users will get support for new interface as well as additional features.

Apart from this, the health mobile app is also expected to be made public. However, no information has been given about the features of this app yet.

Also, the company has not yet given any official information about the operating system and product to be made public at WWDC 2021.