What is a clubhouse ? how to use clubhouse

What is a clubhouse? how to use clubhouse

What is a clubhouse? how to use clubhouse.

Clubhouse is a audio platform  where users can interact by speaking and listening. This voice chat app, which can only be joined by clubhouse invitees, entered the market in 2020.

In the initial days the this app was limited to iOS users, but in 2021 it became available for Android users as well. It has gained popularity among users since its inception.

This app was created by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth of Alpha Exploration Company.

how to use clubhouse

-The main feature of this app is virtual room.
-There are three types of rooms.
-Open room, closed room and social room.
-Any user can be added to the open room as long as the setting is not changed.
-In the social room, only the speaker’s followers can be added.
-Only invited users can join closed rooms.
-These rooms have speakers, listeners and organizers.
-The person who makes the room is the organizer.
-Organizer has the facility to create, mute, unmute and remove speakers from the audience.
-A single room in the clubhouse can accommodate up to 5,000 users at a time.
-If you are invited to meet the limit, you will get the facility to get the last app running only.
-If someone wants to become a new user, the old user should be invited.

By December 2020, this app had reached 600,000 users. By January 2021, this app weekly user base had reached 2 million, according to CEO Paul Davison.

Clubhouse’s guidelines prohibit recording, reproducing and communicating without permission within this app. If such activity is detected, the user’s account will be blocked or action will be taken.

this app has been banned in countries like China, Jordan and Oman.