Vivo Mobile Price in Nepal (Update price)

Consumers are also getting attracted towards Vivo brand smartphones.

In the Nepali market, the company has been bringing new phones especially for the camera connoisseurs.

We have presented the latest price list of Vivo smartphones currently available in the market. Vivo Mobile Price in Nepal (Update price).

Vivo Mobile Price in Nepal (Update price)
Model Price in Nepal
Vivo Y15 (4/64GB) Rs. 24,190
Vivo Y17 (4/128 GB) Rs. 25,190
Vivo Y19 (6/128GB) Rs. 27,990
Vivo Y20 (4/64GB) Rs. 22,799
Vivo Y30 (4/64GB) Rs. 23,499
Vivo Y30 (4/128GB) Rs. 23,499
Vivo Y20s (4/128GB) Rs. 25,499
Vivo Y51 (8/128GB)Rs. 33,499
Vivo Y91 (3/64GB) Rs. 25,190
Vivo Y95 (4/64GB) Rs. 24,190
Vivo V7 (4/32GB)Rs. 27,290
Vivo V9 Youth (4/32GB) Rs. 28,340
Vivo S1 Pro (8/128GB) Rs. 36,790
Vivo V11 (4/128GB) Rs. 35,690
Vivo V9 (4/64GB) Rs. 36,640
Vivo V11 Pro (6/28GB ) Rs. 49,490
Vivo V15 (6/64GB) Rs. 41,990
Vivo V15 Pro (6/128GB)Rs. 50,390
Vivo V17 Pro (8/128GB) Rs. 52,490
Vivo V20 (8/128GB) Rs. 44,990
Vivo V20SE (8/128GB) Rs. 37,999
Vivo 21e (8/128GB) Rs. 39,999
Vivo 21 (8/128GB) Rs. 49,999
Vivo V19 (8/128GB) Rs. 45,999
Vivo Y81 (3/32GB) Rs. 19,990
Vivo Y65 (3/16GB) Rs. 18,890
Vivo Y93 (3/32GB) Rs. 19,490